P2P Crypto Exchanges Using CPAY.world

CPAY.world offers an easy way for P2P (peer-to-peer) cryptocurrency trading. Set your own price or trade at the current market value. Create trade ads using the checkout function in your personal account. Learn how to make your first profitable sale.

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1. Step

Go to the Checkout section in your account

You will have three options: Accept donations, Sell a product and Sell token. Choose the last one.

2. Step

Fill in the fields:

Product name and Description. The more reliable information you provide, the more trust your customers will have.

3. Step

Select Payment methods

Currencies in which you want to receive payment. You can provide the client with currencies from your list to choose from, or leave the specific currency in which you want to receive payment.

4. Step

Select a wallet

Specify the currency you are selling and select a wallet. You will be offered a merchant wallet linked to your personal account.

5. Step

Specify the pricing method

Fіхed allows you to set the amount yourself. Market involves selling a currency at the current market rate.

6. Step

Add a photo to your checkout

If you wish, you can add a photo to your checkout. It can be your logo or other photo that will help identify your offer to your customers.

7. Step

Share the link to a checkout

Also, you can easily share the link to a checkout you've created via messengers and social media.



After receiving the payment, the funds will be automatically credited to your CPAY wallet.

Create your first P2P checkout: