Every Type of Crypto Transaction –
One Software Solution

Streamlining Your Digital Asset Journey with Comprehensive Crypto Solutions for Every Business Need

Crypto Payment Gateway

Easely charge and receive payments in crypto from your clients

QR-code paymnets
Scan to pay easily and securely with QR codes
Automated Crypto Payments
Instant, secure, and hands-free payment processing.
API access
Seamlessly integrate with our robust API for customization
Real Time Notifications
Instant updates for every payment, keeping you informed
Auto swap
Effortlessly exchange cryptos with optimal rates instantlн
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Crypto Wallet

Receive, send and store crypto-assets Available in web and mobile

Available for Android and iOS
Comprehensive mobile support, whatever you use
Web3 Crypto Wallet
Access and manage digital assets securely with non-custodial wallets
+30 supported currencies
Support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies
Decentralized and safe
Empowering secure transactions with decentralized technology
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KYC Service

Streamline Your Customer Onboarding

Automated Verification Process
Accelerate customer validation with automated document checking and biometric analysis
Global Coverage
Verify identities across borders with our extensive international database
Real-Time Checks
Benefit from instant verification to maintain a smooth user experience
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Crypto Accounting

Track and analyze your business financial activity in one place

Track crypto transactions from multiple wallets
Monitor all transactions across wallets in one place
Sort transactions by time and sources
Quickly filter transactions by date and origin
Export data in Excel
Seamlessly export transaction data to Excel for analysis

Run CPAY solutions under your own brand as White Label

Get ready-made products "out of the box"
Customize regarding your needs
Leave technical side to CPAY
Get constant updates and support
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Core Values: The Foundation of Our Service Excellence

Complete suite of services
From receving crypto transactions to analyzing them - our set of software solutions cover all your business needs
Ready-made products
All our our products are live, fully-functional and can be tested
Security and Safety
Security of our products has top priority. We regularly do independant security audits
Our products can be customized regarding your business needs
Custom software solutions on request
You can get any software solution related to crypto transaction from CPAY team specifically for your project
24/7 Customer Support
Offering round-the-clock assistance in multiple languages.
100,000+ Active Users
A thriving community of over 100,000 satisfied users.
4 Million+ Transactions
Securely processed over 4 million crypto transactions.
50+ Global Clients
Successfully partnering with over 50 businesses worldwide.

Success Stories: Transforming Businesses with Our Crypto Solutions

Empowering the Crypto Traders League with state-of-the-art payment processing.
The Crypto Traders League revolutionized trading gamification by incorporating CPAY's seamless crypto payment system. Faced with complex transaction management, they required a robust, secure, and versatile payment infrastructure.
CPAY's integration transformed payment processes, enhancing operational efficiency and security for all transactions within trading tournaments. CPAY's solution was instrumental in streamlining payment flow, offering the agility to scale and innovate further
Experience innovation with BNESIM's crypto-enabled ESIM services, powered by CPAY
CLLLOTH sought to attract a broader, tech-savvy customer base by accepting cryptocurrency payments, but lacked the technical know-how.
Integrating CPAY's robust crypto payment system has been a game-changer, allowing BNESIM's customers to buy ESIM services with their preferred cryptocurrencies effortlessly. This move amplifies commitment to providing seamless global communication solutions without the roaming costs


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What services does CPAY provide?

CPAY offers a comprehensive suite of crypto payment services, including a customizable white label solution, an advanced crypto wallet for secure asset management, a crypto payment gateway, and a detailed crypto accounting system.

What is White Label from CPAY?

White Label services cater to clients who wish to operate their own crypto payment gateway, crypto wallet, or any other product from CPAY's offerings.

Is CPAY offering SaaS solutions?

Yes. All our products can be offered as SaaS solutions.

Are fees in CPAY products changeable?

Yes, product owners can set up specific transaction fees.

Does CPAY offer other solutions on request?

Yes, CPAY can develop any other software solution related to crypto transactions upon request.

What is the best way to reach out to the CPAY team?

Simply leave a message, and we will get back to you promptly.