Accept Crypto Payments for Booking Hotel, Flights, Tours, and Events

Offer your clients the best services worldwide + flexible and secure payments on crypto.

Why Accept Crypto for Your Travel Business?

Fast Transactions

Crypto transactions are swift, happening within seconds or minutes, improving the booking experience and increasing the efficiency of your business operations.


No boundaries, no limitations. Your customers can choose from a vast array of cryptocurrencies, bringing additional comfort and convenience to their transactions.

Global Reach

Crypto payments transcend geo barriers, making accessing your services easier for international customers. Attract a global audience and expand your business reach.

Key Features for Accepting Crypto

CPAY — powerful business partner for successful payment processing

Custom Checkouts

Adapt the checkout process to your brand.

Quickly Integration

Easily integrate our crypto checkout into your website.

Low commissions

Enjoy transfers starting at 0.2%.

Real-time Notifications

Receive instant transaction notifications.

CPAY Integration with Your Platform

Various options cater to different business needs

API Integration

For custom integration of the online store.

Share the Link

Send it in messengers with the bill.

Add Button

The special button next to payment options.


Suitable for e-commerce platforms

How to Start Accept Crypto for Tourism Business?

Do you want to start quickly and without unnecessary headaches by accepting cryptocurrency as a payment for hotel reservations, buying airline tickets, and selling sightseeing tours?
Then what are you waiting for?!
Our step-by-step guide tells you where to start: 
no arcane words, questionable operations, or weeks of waiting.
You'll start taking crypto for business immediately after signing up!
Go to Step-by-Step Guide

Reduced Operational Expenses

Lower transaction fees and eliminating intermediaries lead to cost savings

Attract New Customers

A new, digitally savvy customer base will prefer crypto payments.

Innovation Advantage

Show everyone that your business is forward-thinking and adapts to modern payment methods.

Global Expansion

Crypto eliminates geographical barriers, allowing you to serve customers worldwide.

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