Manage All Your Crypto Assets in One Place with CPAY Crypto Wallet

Manage your crypto and NFTs across various networks with our online crypto wallet. Keep an eye on your cryptocurrency wallet balances and safely transfer assets.

Start Multi-Currency 
Crypto Wallet

Set up a cryptocurrency wallet without verification, manage your crypto investments, store NFTs, and make payments with minimal fees. Enjoy the comfort of a crypto debit card for daily expenses. With CPAY digital crypto wallet, you have full control over your savings.

Connect Wallets 
to Platform

With the CPAY platform, keep all your private crypto wallets in one place. Import crypto exchange wallets, and easily manage your balances, payments, and assets. With CPAY, always know your total cryptocurrency amount!

Get Real-time Balance of All Cryptocurrency Wallets

Our platform allows you to monitor the combined balance of your anonymous crypto wallets in real-time. With all your data in one place, get a quick and comprehensive overview of your digital assets anytime, anywhere.

Collect All NFTs in 
One Gallery

Link your personal crypto wallet and smoothly manage all your NFTs cross-chain in one gallery. Monitor or transfer all transactions to other free crypto wallets without third-party services.
Create a Multi-Wallet

Review of Crypto 
Transaction History

With the entire transaction history of a secure cryptocurrency wallet in one account at the CPAY Platform, download a report for your records or tax purposes over any period.

Data and Asset Security

Link your safe crypto wallet, transfer crypto to this wallet, and manage your assets securely in one place. CPAY uses the latest EIP-4337 and 2FA security standards.

Crypto Wallet With 2FA

CPAY prioritizes your digital security. This feature helps to safeguard your assets and transactions by verifying your identity through a second method, providing an enhanced shield against unauthorized access.

CPAY Uses Biometric Authentication for Mobile

Our hot wallet crypto solution incorporates the latest EIP-4337 standards, providing cutting-edge security. We've integrated biometric authentication methods for the mobile app that offer a more secure, personalized login process than traditional password systems.

Supported crypto currency

Crypto Exchange: Swap, Buy and Send Coins

CPAY is an all-in-one crypto wallet for managing crypto assets. Our platform empowers you to seamlessly buy, store, send, and swap tokens on the network. Enjoy effortless trading between different cryptocurrencies within your secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Save on transaction fees with Multisend

CPAY has you covered to distribute tokens to various addresses simultaneously. Our Multisend feature lets you dispatch coins and tokens to multiple wallet addresses. Save on transaction fees and time by bundling your transactions into one operation.

Crypto Bridging — Transfer Between Blockchains in Real-Time

Bridge the gap between different blockchains with CPAY integrated bridging feature. Enjoy the ability to easily transfer crypto to wallet networks, expanding your reach and interoperability.

Crypto Staking Wallet & Liquidity Pools

Generate passive income with CPAY crypto wallets that earn interest thanks to staking and liquidity pool features. By locking up your tokens in a crypto wallet with interest, you can earn interest over time. You also have the option to add your stablecoins to a liquidity pool and accrue interest, thus increasing your digital wealth.

White-Label Crypto Solution for a Successful Business

Looking to launch your crypto payment gateway? It's a complete payment processing solution for businesses and crypto projects. Accept crypto payments, bill clients, swap, and send funds to your wallet. Customize it to your needs and leverage our technology to bolster your product's development.
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