Accept Crypto Payments for Your E-commerce Business

Simplify e-commerce crypto payment and expand your customer base with our secure, global solution.

E-commerce businesses struggle with the following:

Limited payment options

Traditional payment methods limit e-commerce businesses from reaching a global customer base — crypto e-commerce without restrictions

Complex integration

Developing a user-friendly platform and implementing a seamless payment provider can be challenging. Try webstore crypto payments with CPAY

Security concerns

Online shops store info about customers and transactions. Websites are subjected to hacking and information theft. Blockchain is a secure conduit for any information!

High transaction fees

Since different providers process transactions, each charges a separate service fee. By setting up a crypto e-commerce payment gateway, you will save on low fees

CPAY Integration with Your Platform

API Integration
Secure and fast payment gateway integration
Share the Link
Customize the checkout and send it in messenger
Add Button
Add a Pay in Crypto button to your website
Advanced payment solution for accepting payment in crypto

Major Advantages for E-commerce Crypto Payment

Seamless Integration Crypto for E-commerce

Streamline your online business operations with our system that easily integrates with popular e-commerce platforms.

Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions

Leverage top-notch encryption algorithms and cutting-edge security measures to secure your cryptocurrency transactions.

Reach a Global Customer Base

Accepting crypto payments allows you to erase borders, eliminate traditional banking restrictions, and expand your brand's international reach.

Improved Conversion Rates

Offering various payment options caters to customer preferences, resulting in decreased cart abandonment and increased sales.

Hassle-Free Financial Management

Auto calculations of exchange rates, instant payment confirmations, and easy-to-understand reporting make digital payment more easy.

Supported Cryptocurrency

We can add new tokens within 24h
+100 other EVM
Manage Your Cryptocurrency
in E-commerce On the Go

Handle your crypto payments seamlessly with our mobile app, designed to accept crypto e-commerce business owners on the move.

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