Accept Cryptocurrency Donations at Your Nonprofit or Charity

Simplify and diversify your fundraising and accept cryptocurrency donation avenues with our secure, global crypto donations solution.

Charities Face Challenges in Reaching a Global Audience Due to Limited Payment Options

Traditional Donation Limitations

Nonprofits are limited by traditional forms of donations that can often result in a lesser net contribution due to fees.

Tapping into Younger, Tech-savvy Donors

Most young, tech-savvy, and affluent individuals prefer to deal in cryptocurrencies, making them a hard-to-reach demographic for charities.

Managing Digital Assets

Managing digital assets like cryptocurrencies can be challenging for nonprofits without the right platform or knowledge.

Global Reach

Traditional payment methods can limit a charity's ability to accept donations from around the globe.

CPAY Integration with Your Platform

API Integration
Swiftly integrate our API for smooth, effortless crypto transactions
Share the Link
Create a unique link for your checkout process and share it across various channels
Add Button
Add a "Donate in Crypto" button on your website to attract a broader range of donors
Our advanced iFrame solution makes accepting crypto payments on your site easy

Benefits Crypto Donations to Nonprofits

Simplified Integration
with Charities

Quickly adapt to the digital age with CPAY straightforward integration, custom-tailored for nonprofits and charities.

Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions

With CPAY, rest assured that every crypto donation you receive is processed securely, ensuring peace of mind for you and your donors.

Global Donor Accessibility

Expand your donor base globally. With CPAY, geographical boundaries no longer limit your potential for generosity.

Diversified Donation Avenues

Offer your donors the freedom of choice. CPAY enables your nonprofit to accept donations in various popular cryptocurrencies.

Transparent Financial Management

Encourage donor trust through transparency. CPAY blockchain technology provides a clear audit trail for each donation received.

Supported Cryptocurrency

We can add new tokens within 24h
+100 other EVM
CPAY Mobile App to Track Nonprofit Cryptocurrency Charity Donations

Easily oversee your crypto donations with our mobile app for nonprofits accepting cryptocurrency and charity organizations.

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