Accept Cryptocurrency Donations on Twitch

Expand your donation options and engage with a global audience using our secure Twitch crypto donations solution.

Receiving Global Donations Can Be a Challenge for Streamers:

Limited payment options

- Limited global reach
- Inflexible donation methods
- High transaction fees

Streamers need a secure and diverse crypto donation option

- Limited donation options
- Security concerns
- Complex integration

Boost Your Streaming Revenue:
A Step-by-step Guide to CPAY.World Integration

Step-by-step Guide

Streamline Twitch Cryptocurrency Donation for Streamers with CPAY

API Integration

Secure and fast payment gateway integration.

Share the Link

Customize the checkout and send it in messenger.

Add Button

Add a Pay in Crypto button to your website.


Advanced payment solution for accepting payment in crypto.

Benefits of Using Crypto Payment Solutions

Simple Integration with Streaming Platform

Users can easily set up a crypto donation button, enabling them to accept donations from viewers in various cryptocurrencies. This process enhances the monetization of streaming content.

Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions

CPAY provides a secure platform for cryptocurrency transactions. Using cutting-edge blockchain technology, transactions are encrypted, ensuring the utmost protection for both streamers and donors from potential cyber threats.

Global Audience Reach

Accepting crypto donations allows streamers to reach a global audience, thereby expanding their viewer base and potential income. With cryptocurrencies, viewers from all over the world can contribute to their favorite streamers effortlessly.

Diversified Earnings

Streamers can keep the cryptocurrencies they receive as donations, potentially benefiting from market appreciation. This diversifies their revenue streams and opens up more financial opportunities.

Enhanced Viewer Engagement

It adds another layer of interaction, allowing viewers to support their favorite streamers in a novel and tech-savvy way. It further strengthens the relationship between streamers and their communities.
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Monitor Streaming Donations
On Your Phone

Keep track of your crypto donations conveniently with our mobile app, tailored for streamers.

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What say streamers who have incorporated the CPAY payment solution on Twitch

CPAY has changed how I receive donations. Now, I have a more diverse income and a larger global audience.
Jenny Wilson
The adoption of CPAY for accepting donations has significantly transformed my revenue streams, giving me access to a broader array of income sources and connecting me to a larger, more global audience.
Arthur Howard

Accept Cryptocurrency Donations and
Elevate Your Streaming Revenue with CPAY.World

Increase your earnings, reach a wider audience, and enhance viewer engagement
with our crypto donation solution.

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