Understanding CPAY

Everything Businesses Need for Full-Scale Crypto Implementation

4 Values That Set CPAY Apart from Other Providers

Complete Infrastructure

We offer a comprehensive set of crypto payment products and services, including crypto payment gateways, crypto wallets, an AML platform, and White Labels, along with flexible customization through API access.

Full Control of the Funds

At CPAY, we believe transparency is key.

That’s why our users are the only ones who control their funds through non-custodial wallets with private keys. CPAY does not have access to users' funds.


Flexibility is not just a word at CPAY; it’s our approach.

Users can integrate and set up CPAY's services exactly as they need, from customizing the appearance of the Checkout page to managing multiple crypto wallets for their users.

White Labels

We provide all our products as White Labels with various deployment options: clients can operate crypto payment gateways or crypto wallets under their own brand with our support or stand alone.

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