Accept bitcoin and other crypto payments with CPAY crypto merchant solution

Securely track crypto payments for business and manage orders worldwide with crypto payment processor CPAY

Advantages of CPAY Crypto Payment Provider

Quick and cheap transactions

Unbearably low fees ranging from 0.2%, and experience the speed of crypto transactions.

Full Control on Funds

Retain full control over your assets with our non-custodial crypto wallet system

No Banking-Holidays

Forget about banking hours and holidays – crypto transactions can be performed 24/7; CPAY accepts Bitcoin constantly.

Receive payments worldwide

Expand your reach globally with our crypto payment gateway.

Integration of the Crypto Payment System

API Customizable Checkouts for 
Your Business Needs

Design your checkouts to align with your business requirements. Whether selling products and services or accepting donations.

Customizable Checkouts for 
Your Business Needs

Design your checkouts to align with your business requirements. Whether selling products and services or accepting donations.

Streamlined Crypto Checkout 
and Callback URL

Automate your checkouts and keep track of real-time transaction statuses with our callback URL. Enhance your customer's checkout experience with our streamlined process.

Pay Via QR or Link Your 

External Wallet

Expand your options by crypto payout, accepting payments through QR codes, or integrating your external wallet. Make transactions easy and convenient for your customers.

Supported crypto currency

All the crypto payment platform CPAY features are just around the corner!

Pay in crypto and receive Bitcoin payment instantly. Be on the same page with your customers!

How to Accept Crypto Payments with CPAY?


Start from Crypto Checkout

Fill Out the Required Information

Make your checkout relevant and informative by providing detailed product or service information. Add a logo and brand colors, attach an image.

Integrate Your Checkouts to Online Store

Seamless checkout integration with your platform to improve the user experience with APIs. We provide tech support for the entire process.

Need something specific 
for your business?

We can do that!
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Receive Bitcoin Payment

Receive payments in crypto and enjoy the benefits of fast and secure transactions. Give your customer the perfect service


Wallet option

Control All Your Crypto Payment History

Manage your assets in a personal wallet, track balances in real-time price, and make cryptocurrency transfers.

Manage Crypto with Non-custodial Wallet

Retain control over your funds with our non-custodial wallet. Store your cryptocurrencies securely and access them anytime.

Digital Analog of Fiat Wallet

CPAY wallet provides users a convenient way to store, send, and receive digital currency. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Polkadot.

CPAY Crypto Merchant Fees

Experience unbeatable low fees with CPAY. No hidden costs. No limits for transactions.

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Web & Mobile SDK

Manage your digital assets with a White-Label solution
Choose between non-custodial and semi-custodial wallet option
Support 19 currencies, 6 blockchains + swap feature
Get transactions history for taxation purposes
Monitor balances and manage multi payments
Use mobile app

Any Questions before registering?

Please contact our support team. We strive to make the CPAY.WORLD service as convenient and easy as possible. Your communication will help us to improve the platform.

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Freaquently Asked Questions

Is it safe to accept cryptocurrencies as payment?

Yes, accepting cryptocurrencies as payment is generally considered safe. CPAY employs state-of-the-art security measures, including encryption and two-factor authentication, to ensure secure transactions. However, like all financial transactions, it is important to use best practices for security. This includes regularly updating your security software, using strong, unique passwords, and being cautious of phishing scams.

Can I convert my crypto payments into my local currency with CPAY?

Yes, with CPAY's gateway crypto exchange service, you can instantly convert your cryptocurrency payments into USD and EUR. This service offers a fast and secure way for businesses to benefit from accepting crypto payments without worrying about price volatility.

How can I integrate CPAY's crypto merchant solution into my payment system?

CPAY offers an effortless integration with your existing platform through our crypto payment API and iframe. Clear documentation and support are provided to ensure a smooth setup. If you need additional help, our support team is ready to assist you.

How can I get support if I encounter problems with the CPAY system?

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any problems. You can contact us through email, live chat, or by submitting a request through our online support portal.

How do my customers pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

Your customers can pay with Bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrencies by scanning a QR code at checkout or by sending the appropriate amount of crypto to the given payment address. All transactions are processed quickly and securely, and your account instantly reflects the payment.