Accept Crypto Payments with CPAY

Ostap Harasymchuk
June 20, 2024
#CPAY Products

Crypto Payments: What for?

Whether you're selling a product or a service, you need tools to facilitate the purchase. These tools include gateways that process payments, send email notifications, provide analytic dashboards, callbacks, and more. This is essential for online stores, e-commerce platforms, service providers, restaurants, gaming platforms, and other merchants.
CPAY Gateway offers all these tools, but in the realm of accepting cryptocurrency as payments.

Platform Overview

CPAY Gateway allows sellers of products or services to register as merchants and start accepting crypto payments. The necessary steps are simple:

1. Registration: It's free and takes under a minute. After registration, merchants can use CPAY Gateway straightforwardly.

2. Creating the Checkout: This feature allows you to receive payments for specific products or services from your customers, similar to an invoice.

3. Integration of the Checkout: Once you have the tool to receive payments, integrate it into your platform.

4. Receiving the Funds: With CPAY Gateway, you can create crypto wallets to receive payments. These wallets are entirely yours, and CPAY Gateway does not have access to them.

Fees and Supported Blockchains

The fee for your crypto payment is 1%. For example, if your customer pays 100 USDT, CPAY will take 1 USDT as a fee. Merchants can withdraw their funds from CPAY Gateway immediately once they receive them from clients. Merchants only need to pay 0.1% to withdraw crypto from CPAY. That’s all—no hidden fees or delays.

CPAY Gateway supports all major blockchain networks and assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, ARB, TON, and SOL. You can find the full list here.


If merchants need to integrate crypto payments more individually, CPAY Gateway has it covered:

- Checkout Integration: On the CPAY Gateway, merchants can choose between link integration, button, or iFrame.

- API Access: CPAY Gateway offers API access, allowing merchants to customize payment flows to their specific needs using our technical documentation [link].

- Custom Token Support: Have your own token and want to be paid in it? With CPAY Gateway, it’s possible! Simply reach out to us at

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#CPAY Products