Building Crypto Payment Infrastructure with CPAY

Ostap Harasymchuk
May 23, 2024


CPAY offers a variety of crypto products and services, with our scalable crypto payment infrastructure being a game-changer that can integrate seamlessly into any platform. In this guide, we will explain CPAY's crypto payment infrastructure and explore its potential use cases.

Integrating Crypto Payment Infrastructure Without Development

Many businesses, whether from web3 sectors or traditional ones, need an easy, scalable, and transparent software solution for crypto payment infrastructure. These businesses require the ability to interact with crypto on their platforms without developing the technology themselves. Their need is simple: integrate crypto capabilities for their users without in-house development.

The typical process may involve next steps: user registration, crypto deposit, platform interaction, and crypto withdrawal. Developing these features independently can be complex and resource-intensive. Fortunately, CPAY provides a solution.

Integrating Crypto Payment Infrastructure with CPAY

CPAY offers a range of services related to crypto processing, including:

- Crypto wallet creation

- Transaction processing

- Crypto swaps

- Mass payouts

- KYC Process

In other words, CPAY provides a full suite of services to interact with crypto. All of these can be customized and integrated into any platform via API. In the end, users will interact with crypto on CPAY’s partner platform on the front end, but everything will be processed by CPAY on the back end.

The use cases and potential clients for this service are extensive. It suits any web or mobile platform that needs users to deposit and interact with crypto. Potential clients include gaming platforms, forex brokers, neobanks, currency transfer services, and exchanges—ranging from crypto-related projects to those entirely outside the crypto space.

Integration Process, Fees, and Supported Blockchain Networks

Integrating CPAY's crypto payment infrastructure is straightforward. You can either set it up yourself using our technical documentation or contact our support team for assistance—we are always happy to help.

CPAY's fees are associated with transaction processing. Whenever your client interacts with crypto, a small fee will be charged by CPAY.

CPAY supports major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Arbitrum, and Blast. We are also ready to integrate any custom network or token upon request.


CPAY's scalable crypto payment infrastructure provides businesses with a comprehensive and seamless solution for integrating cryptocurrency capabilities into their platforms. By leveraging our full suite of services, including wallet creation, transaction processing, and KYC, businesses can easily offer their users secure and efficient crypto interactions. Whether you are a gaming platform, neobank, or any other enterprise looking to embrace crypto, CPAY simplifies the integration process, ensuring you stay at the forefront of digital payments.