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Ostap Harasymchuk
March 13, 2024
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Discover CPAY's Crypto Payment Gateway, covering setup, integration, fees, and our White Label service. Get started effortlessly with our comprehensive guide.

About CPAY:

CPAY aims to bridge the gap between traditional businesses and the blockchain world, offering user-friendly software solutions for managing all types of crypto transactions. Our main product, the CPAY Crypto Payment Gateway, enables businesses of all sizes to accept and manage crypto payments with ease. Thanks to its flexible customization, user-friendly interface, and API access, CPAY is the perfect solution for integrating payments into your offerings. Additionally, CPAY offers its Crypto Payment Gateway as a White Label service for companies looking to run their own gateways.

How CPAY's Crypto Payment Gateway Works:

Let’s look at how CPAY allows merchants to start accepting crypto payments with our crypto payment gateway:

- Step 1: Setting Up Your Checkout:

  First, merchants set up a Checkout on the CPAY website. This is how they receive crypto payments from customers. CPAY offers various Checkout types, allowing merchants to choose what works best for their business.

Setting Up Your Checkout

- Step 2: Adding Checkout to Your Site or Platform:

  Next, merchants add these Checkouts to their websites. CPAY makes this easy. You can add a link, a button, iFrame, or use our API for more custom options.

Step 2: Adding Checkout to Your Site or Platform

- Step 3: Customers Make Payments:

  When customers pay, they click on the integrated Checkout and send crypto directly to the merchant's wallet on CPAY. The goal of CPAY here is to process transactions from customers to merchants safely and simply.

Step 3: Customers Make Payments

- Step 4: Confirming Payments:

  Right after the payment, both the merchant and the customer receive confirmation. The merchant can also track all their transactions on CPAY.

Types of Checkouts:

Types of Checkouts

CPAY offers a wide variety of Checkouts for different purposes:

- Donation: Ideal for charities, with no fixed transaction amount; users can pay what they want.

- Selling Products: Best for shops selling items at fixed prices.

- Selling Cryptocurrency: Can be used for selling tokens for a fixed price.

- Cart: Perfect for online stores with lots of products. One Checkout can be used for selling many products.

Easy Ways to Add CPAY:

CPAY provides several integration options for Checkouts:

- Link Integration: Simply copy and paste a Checkout link.

- Button: Add CPAY as a payment button on your website.

- iFRAME: Embed CPAY as a widget on your page without sending customers away.

- API Integration: For more control and options, use our API.

CPAY's Security:

CPAY has built a multi-layer, enterprise-grade security system. The first layer restricts account access with multiple two-factor authentication (2FA) mechanisms. The second layer is an encrypted signature, further secured by an additional password. This signature is stored outside of the basic treasury location and can also be downloaded by the customer for heightened security.
Also CPAY does regular independent security audits.

Supported Blockchains and Tokens:

CPAY supports major blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), TRX (Tron) , AVAX (Avalanche), SOL (Solana), POL (Polkadot) , ADA (Cardano), USDT, and USDC. We can also add support for special blockchains or tokens upon request.

Clear Fee Policy:

Our fees are straightforward: we charge a fee starting from 0.2% for each incoming transaction. You can choose whether you or your customers pay this fee. Moreover, the fee can be individualized: the higher the volume, the lower the fee.

Good for All Businesses. Even artisan:

CPAY is an excellent choice for any business, big or small. Whether you have an Instagram shop, a website, or a large online store, our user-friendly interface, flexible integration, and reliable tech support mean CPAY fits right in.

More Than Just Crypto Payments:

CPAY is not just for getting payments from merchants' customers via Checkouts. Our open technical documentation gives opportunities to developers to create the whole infrastructure for their ecosystem: creating users' crypto wallets, receiving and sending transactions between them, and more - CPAY will make it possible. 

Successful Stories:

CPAY boasts multiple successful cases: we've assisted with everything from simple payment setups to complete payment system infrastructures for larger projects. With fully functional products and a reliable tech team, CPAY is the perfect software for any type of crypto payment solution.

Here is how CPAY helped Crypto Traders League, a trading platform, to build a payment infrastructure in their ecosystem:

Empowering the Crypto Traders League with state-of-the-art payment processing, the platform revolutionized trading gamification by incorporating CPAY's seamless crypto payment system. Faced with complex transaction management, they needed a robust, secure, and versatile payment infrastructure. CPAY delivered, enabling automated wallet creation and transactions for their bustling trading community.

White Label Service :

Want your own Crypto Payment Gateway? CPAY offers a White Label service. This means you can have a payment system under your brand, based on our reliable software. We offer flexible commercial terms suitable for companies of any size and purpose. Clients can run CPAY products as a SaaS solution, or if they need full control, they can acquire the source code itself.


CPAY is more than just a payment system. It offers a wide variety of features that streamline the management of any type of crypto transaction in any business. We offer fully working and reliable software solutions for managing crypto transactions, including a crypto payment gateway white label option.

Let’s Start!:

Elevate your business payment system with our CPAY crypto payment gateway. Contact us today!

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