Partnership announcement - CPAY x BNESIM!

Ostap Harasymchuk
November 13, 2023
Unlock global connectivity with BNESIM and CPAY's groundbreaking partnership. Experience seamless crypto-enabled ESIM purchases for enhanced fintech innovation!

CPAY is constantly looking for new partners trying to provide automated crypto-payments in the best possible way. We are happy to announce our new partner - BNESIM!

BNESIM Partners with for Crypto-Enabled ESIM Buys

In an exciting development for global connectivity and fintech innovation, CPAY is proud to announce its strategic partnership with BNESIM. This collaboration is set to simplify and automate the way BNESIM's customers engage with digital payment options, offering a seamless crypto-based transaction experience for purchasing cutting-edge ESIM services.

Introducing BNESIM: Pioneering Digital ESIM Solutions

BNESIM has established itself as a leader with the title of “World’s Best Travel SIM Provider” at the 2023 World Travel Tech Awards. With a commitment to offering a comprehensive communications package, BNESIM enables customers to make calls, join conference calls, and use mobile data across over 200 countries worldwide, all without the burden of roaming charges.

Exploring CPAY’s Offerings

CPAY has crafted a robust infrastructure that was integrated seamlessly with mobile applications of BNESIM via CPAY’s API. This integration empowers clients to purchase ESIM services using their preferred cryptocurrencies, streamlining the buying process.

The partnership goes beyond simply providing an additional payment option. It represents a significant step for BNESIM towards adopting a fully automated crypto payment system that’s easily managed through CPAY's intuitive platform.